Lambeth Aspires Unlock Programme

What’s unlock?

Unlock is all about unlocking your potential. It’s practical learning that beats the boredom of lockdown. It’s building a better future, doing things you’re passionate about:

You’ll get a positive experience of learning. You’ll develop your talents. You’ll build the confidence to follow your dreams!

Who is it for?

Unlock is for people who don’t get on with school and college. It’s especially for people who may not be going back to school or college in September. It’s for 15 to 18 year olds who live in Lambeth.

What will i get from it?

New ways of thinking, new skills and new experiences.

You’ll meet inspiring people who’ll take you on an exciting journey.

You might get qualifications and you’ll definitely get support to decide on your next steps.

Why will it work for me?

Why will it work for me?

When will it happen?

Most courses start in July. Some in the Autumn. The course details will tell you. You’ll do about 2 days of work every week, depending on the course.

How do I apply?

Fill in this:

Give us as much information as you can. We want to get to know you and why you have chosen the course you want to do.

Give us the name of someone who can support you. Maybe a youth worker, a mentor, a social worker or someone else who knows you well.

How do I refer someone to unlock?

Complete this:

Tell us about the young person you want to refer. Then help them fill in their application form.

Any questions? Email 

Course information

Developing your side hustle

Online/Offline, we show you the secrets of wealth creation.

Business Launch Pad and Shapeways have designed a 10 week course that will let participants take a business idea, develop a brand identity, build a website and social media channels, and turn a ‘side hustle’ into a legitimate start-up business! Participants will get one-to-one business coaching, the technical support needed to create content, and the basic coding skills to build a website and create an online retail offer.

What will you get out of it?

A chance to showcase your work, to develop skills in pitching, to prepare a presentation and to lead a creative project. You’ll build the confidence and motivation needed to achieve your goals. Your business could be making money by the end of summer!

Introduction to Youth Work

Your life experience counts. Empower other youth, get professional.

Are you interested in youth work? Maybe you’ve already done some work as a junior youth leader, a mentor or a volunteer youth worker. Could this course be the start of a great career? Youth work can unlock opportunities in sports coaching, arts activities, digital youth work, theatre, dance, outdoor activities and much more.

In three parts, this course, delivered by the Harrow Club W10, will teach you the nuts and bolts of youth work and how to put the theory into practice. You’ll learn how to structure your work and empower young people you work with by developing your own projects.

What will you get out of it?

If you’re 16 or over you can get three ABC accredited Level 1 Youth Work units. You’ll have the experience of working with a youth project and creating your own project. If lockdown restrictions lift enough, you may get to do some direct work with young people and be paid expenses for that work.

Performance & events management for a digital age

Learn to create, promote, organise and pull off an awesome music and arts event.

Vinyl Memories, are bringing together Lambeth arts organisations and event management professionals to deliver an interactive online course to introduce you to the industry.

Using practical content and inspiring conversations, the course will provide the knowledge, skills and understanding required to produce, manage and host an event.

You’ll learn about talent scouting, marketing and promotion, event planning, directing, project management, performance logistics and much more.

What will you get out of it?

You’ll build the confidence required to manage your own event. You’ll have networked with industry specialists, gained feedback from your peers and had the opportunity to broadcast to an audience you’ve created.

You will have the experience to take into further education, apprenticeships or straight into a creative career.

Produce your own music video

Create and edit professional video content on your smartphone to blow away the competition.

In six weeks you’ll get all the help you need to learn how to create a professional quality music video, upload it on social media and go viral! You’ll learn from online sessions and get support from the media tutor, plus you’ll have a personal mentor.

What will you get out of it?

You’ll learn media and creative digital skills. You’ll meet inspiring people and increase your confidence.

Your completed video will be showcased online to professionals and artists in the industry. All films will be hosted on Lambeth Made’s website and promoted through its social media platforms.

If you’re inspired to continue studying, you can move on to a qualification in media skills at Lambeth College. Maybe you’ll find work in the industry straight away!


Drill meets deep thinking. Expand your mind through the eyes and ears of Drill music.

The course mixes contemporary music culture with urban sociology and philosophical discussion to give music fans the chance to learn critical thinking whilst having fun. Weekly workshops will look at perception, rap lyrics that make change happen, power and censorship, the sociology of social media safety, and more.

What will you get out of it?

You’ll learn to think about and discuss your place in British society with confidence and impact. You’ll look at and be able to use sociological and philosophical theories. You produce professional standard creative content.

You’ll get a RoadWorks certificate and the chance to be chosen as RoadWorks Ambassadors. This is a growing network of up-and-coming artists and professionals who get the chance to take part in a range of exciting and innovative opportunities.


Creating a ‘zine’ about women who are changing the world! Exploring gender equality. Working with artists.

‘WOWsers’ are the young ambassadors of WOW – Women of the World Festivals. This course is a chance to work with likeminded people and develop a creative project that celebrates the achievements of women and girls.

WOW wants to give girls the chance to develop their leadership skills, work together and celebrate their achievements. Over five workshop sessions, you’ll explore gender equality in a fun and accessible way. You’ll find out about women and girls who have done something inspirational and develop the creative skills to produce content inspired by a chosen female role model.

What will you get out of it?

Participants will develop their confidence, knowledge and skills that can be applied to a range of activities and areas of study. You’ll meet new people, gain exposure to new ideas and develop your creativity

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