Lambeth Made Podcast

Apr 22, 2022

Malvina Edwards-Drayton, Lambeth Made’s Project Officer tells us all about an exciting development for young people.

The “Lambeth Made Podcast” is a new platform for young people in Lambeth to share their experiences on all aspects of education, training, and employment.

The Podcast started in December 2020 and so far, we have interviewed young people, young adults, and parents on the topics of work experience and apprenticeships. It’s been fascinating hearing their views and we hope that their stories will help and inspire others.

Leisha, a year 10 student from one of our secondary schools in Lambeth, aspires to be a midwife. She would love more information on work experience for year 10 students and support for students around careers in midwifery and the tech industries.

Leisha told us “It’s important for young people to have work experience as early as possible to support them to make decisions about their future careers”. Work experience is valuable as it teaches young people about real life and responsibilities”.

Leisha’s Mum shared with us that careers advice is vital for young people as the world of work is changing so much with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and the streamlining of the workforce.

Callum, who is in his early 20’s was a pleasure to interview, born and raised in Lambeth, he is also a Lambeth Charter Mark “Outstanding Young Apprentice” 2021 Award Winner.

He shared his personal journey and words of wisdom.

“With an apprenticeship, you don’t incur any debt, as you are earning while you learn” He also said “Uni is great too, as you get to meet friends for life while getting your Degree”.

Kenita, in her late 20’s, shared her experience of applying for a Council apprenticeship and working as a business support officer, her experience is very different as an older young adult and mother of young children, “I love my role at Lambeth Council, it can be difficult at times, working from home with young children. It’s great to learn a new skill, and learn while I am earning, with my family responsibilities, it’s import that I am able to provide for my family while I learn on the job”.

It’s great to be a part of the Lambeth Made Podcast, to meet so many amazing and inspiring young people, looking forward to interviewing many more young people on their experiences, and achieving great things in Lambeth!

If you have a story or some advice for other young people to share about your experience of training, education or getting into work, we would love to hear from you.

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