Youth JAM in the Park – Graffiti in the Civic Centre

May 4, 2021

Lambeth Made’s Youth JAM in the Park was a young people family hip-hop and performance festival created and led by young people. It happened in Myatt’s Fields Park in July 2019. Now, some of that creativity is moving into the heart of Brixton, at the Civic Centre.

Three fantastic Lambeth graffiti artists sprayed boards representing the themes of the event. Peace. Love. Unity. Now they’re welcoming people back into the centre.

Pixie, one of the artists, told us what her theme means to her:
“To me, Unity is knowing we are all connected, knowing that together we can create a positive environment by taking actions no matter how small we think they are. Even just smiling at someone can change the whole atmosphere – we are all one.”

Other artist included DSIRE and RIZE who have remained at the forefront of Hip Hop culture with their pioneering street art.

Here’s a short film show featuring the events amazing highlights including or graffiti artists in action

Youth JAM in the Park was sponsored by Lambeth Made and delivered in partnership with Myatt’s Fields Park, Vinyl Memories – Gold Award winner at the 2021 of Lambeth Made Charter Mark Awards – Jokes Arts Music, Longfield Hall and Sadler’s Wells Breakin’ Convention.

Anyone who’s interested in being involved in Family Hip Hop Festival 2022, as a volunteer or performer, should contact Vinyl Memories at